IncinerPro waste incinerator i500

The IncinerPro i500 incinerator is recommended for eliminating mortality from animal farms (eg fattening pigs). The incinerator is available in several variants, depending on the way the waste is loaded: frontal (horizontal) / vertical or depending on the type of fuel used for the incineration process: natural gas / LPG / diesel. The volume of the primary combustion chamber is about 1,3 m³. As standard, the IncinerPro i500 incinerator comes equipped with:

  • 2 combustion chambers (primary and secondary-combustion)
  • 2 fully automated burners (one in each combustion chamber), with adjustable power, flame detection. Burners run on natural gas, LPG or diesel.
  • Ash removal door, even during burning
  • Visual and audible alarm systems
  • Control panel with touch screen technology for setting and monitoring incineration parameters and combustion cycles
  • Refractory insulation for resistance to particular high temperatures at which the incineration process takes place.
  • Thermocouples
  • Exhaust chimney
  • Double monitoring, temperature recording module