Wheels and chassis disinfection and washing

Wheels and chassis washing, disinfection of trucks. Galvanized, corrosion resistant equipment.

  • The system is activated by photocells: it starts and stops automatically;
  • Automatic dosing system, flocculant injection (to clear the water trough sludge settling), disinfectant injection;
  • System for flocculant injection. The disinfectant is delivered trough heating and insulation system which guarantees proper use even in winter conditions;
  • Automatic sludge removal system;
  • Maximum width of the truck: 2.800 mm. There are also models with a wider width (eg 3.500 mm)
  • Number of nozzles: depending on the need, there can be more than 120 nozzles, arranged longitudinally, transversely and laterally;
  • Includes truck disinfection system (complete, 360 degrees), for trucks up to 4,4 m high;
  • Electric automatic heating system, for situations where the outside temperature is close to freezing; prevents the pump from freezing;
  • Power supply: 380V x 3R x 50 Hz;
  • Equipped with pumps, water tank;
  • It is also available without disinfection module;