Mobile disinfection gate 500

We recommend to instal these gates for vehicle disinfection at the farm entrance or other transit areas, in order to disinfect vehicles transporting feed, live animals or just passing. The mobile model can be installed in less than 20 minutes by only 2 people, without special tools. It is a fully automated, strong gate, with precise dosing and wind-resistant nozzles. We recommend it to those customers requesting reliable, long-life products. Features:

  • Sensors for automatic disinfection (detects vehicles which enter / leave the gate area);
  • Equipped with metal ramp for disinfection of the running system (wheels, chassis, top, car base);
  • Aluminum profile with a thickness of 100 mm;
  • Pump with a capacity of 200 liters / minute;
  • Flow rate 10-2.500 liters / hour;
  • Electronic dosing system; Dosage 0,01-15%, max. 30 liters / hour;
  • Tank - 1.000 liters with float (for automatic refilling);
  • Nozzles unaffected by wind;
  • The liquid is mixed by the dosing pump