• So far, we have successfully carried out dozens of European-financed projects. Our clients, farmers and not only, have accessed funds and purchased biosecurity equipment on farms.
  • Flextim Industry is helping its clients also through financial support: we offer the necessary financial support until the receipt of the non-reimbursable component.
  • We understand how important it is to continuously provide care in animal farms, because the animals ensure the income of the business.
  • Flextim Industry comes to the aid of farmers who want to access financing programs and do not have the necessary money at the moment. Thus, we offer to the interested farmers the amount related to the non-refundable component until the moment of its collection through the Reimbursement Request. In this way we will ease your financial effort for an important period of time.
  • Example: If the financing program requires 20% own contribution + 80% non-reimbursable, when purchasing products worth 100,000 Euro, Flextim Industry offers you the possibility to purchase the products paying only 20,000 Euro (mandatory amount imposed by the financing program), the remaining 80,000 Euro being insured by our company until the moment of collection through the Request for Reimbursement of 80% from the financing authority. This amount will be than transferred to the Flextim Industry account.