• Flextim Industry sales team is always near to you, offering advices when you need to choose the optimal product, according to the requirements.
  • We collaborate with reputable, experienced consulting firms in order to identify current funding programs and eligibility analysis.
  • We are at your disposal to identify a product compatible with the needs of your farm.
  • Whether you need an incinerator to quickly dispose the animal waste, a robot to safely wash pig pens or a gate for truck disinfection, one professional Flextim Industry sales representative will give you those details you need to understand the usefulness of the product and the right model for your farm.
  • If you want to access financing programs, we have a lot of experience in running European financing programs. We have been collaborating successfully for several years with different consulting companies in Romania and, depending on location, we can guide you to some of our collaborators, in case you do not already have a consultant.