EVO CLEANER robot - pig farms washing

The EVO Cleaner robot, produced by the Swedish company Envirologic AB, is the best robot in the world for washing pig barns. The biosecurity in your pig farm will increase with the use of this robot, which will independently wash pens, according to the schedule, 24/24. Among the advantages of the EVO Cleaner robot are:

  • Unique mobility: mimics the movements of the human arm
  • Fully programmable: washes floor, walls and ceiling without human intervention
  • Easy to program: with a touch screen joystick
  • Romanian language menu
  • Memory: up to 500 washing programs
  • High autonomy: can wash without interruption for more than 24 hours
  • Self-propelled (electric): moves in the desired direction by pressing a button
  • Fully protected: due to the materials from which it is built it is protected against water, dust, corrosion
  • Low water consumption
EVO Cleaner Robot